The Walking Dead – S1 & S2

About a week ago, my partner asked me to start watching The Walking Dead again. They are already airing season 9 and he hasn’t had the time to finish season 6.

So when he asked me I responded ‘I don’t even know what I have seen of this’. I could only remember a moment on a rooftop and something in a prison. So I said to myself, and him, I might as well start from the beginning.

As I watched the first episode, things started happening fast and I realized something very fast too. ‘I don’t remember any of this’, which could only mean, I haven’t seen any of it!

The first episode of season one already got me sucked in and ready for more. I couldn’t wait those ’10 seconds until next episode’ on Netflix.

*In case you havent seen this TV series yet and don’t want any spoilers, stop reading, unless you want to know details!*

The first episode gives you a little background in the life of deputy sheriff Rick Grimes, who gets shot very early on and wakes up in an abandoned hospital. Finding he’s way back home, not aware of what has happened, he meets ‘survivor’, Morgan and he’s son, they explain to him the world has been overrun by dead people. Coping with that thought, he only wants one thing, finding his wife Lori and son Carl. After collecting weapons, food and getting out of his hospital robe, Morgan decides to stay and Rick heads to Atlanta where he’s family could be according to the last broadcast.

When he reaches Atlanta, he gets overrun by Walkers and gets stuck in an abandoned military tank where he receives help from another group that he eventually joins and after knocking one of the group down, cuffing and leaving him to the roof, they return to their camp where he finds no one other than his wife, son and former partner Shane. Before they arrive, you get a moment shown into their camp, where I figured out fast that it was Lori and Carl and you find out she is being intimate with Shane. No surprise there but too bad you see this before reuniting.

After the attack in the camp while they were going back for Merle (guy on the roof), they head out to the CDC and then season 2 starts. When they find out there is nothing in the CDC, besides a scientist that tried to find a cure, they head out of Atlanta and get stuck on the highway in the middle of a herd of Walkers. This is where they loose the little girl, Sophia and where Carl gets randomly shot by a hunter. The hunter came from the Herschel farm where they meet a veterinarian and he’s family, who save Carl and where they stay for the remaining of the 2nd season.

During this time things start to progress, the farm holds a secret in their barn that shows Sophia’s fate and creates a divided group. Shane starts to show certain hate towards he’s ‘best friend’ and Lori finds out she’s pregnant. This hate turns fairly bad when season 2 ends with them turning against each other and Shane luring Rick into an open field.

Now I have to say, I loved this ending as in a way you didn’t see it coming until it’s close to happening. You can feel the tensions rising between them but not to that end. I guess if you live in a world where survival is key, you start to loose hope, trust and eventually turning against each other.

Overall I do give these 2 first seasons 7/10

I wasn’t a big fan of the episodes inside the CDC, I don’t know why but it didn’t really spark my interest and waited for them to leave already. However, the rest was just thrilling and definitely kept me interested in starting season 3!

10 thoughts on “The Walking Dead – S1 & S2

  1. Ik Ben blij te lezen dat er alvast nog mensen zijn die het niet gezien hebben 🙂 het is inderdaad een serie die langdradig kan worden en dat is normaal met alle series van meer dan 5 seizoenen. Ik apprecieer de responses en voor diegene die het wel gezien hebben of willen zien (of zelfs niet), geef ik binnenkort een nieuwe review over seizoen 2-4 ! Thanks for the comments and thoughts! 🙏

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