I know I should probably finish The Walking Dead but I wanted to watch something else.

Even though I am not the biggest fan of international tv series/movies, I am a big fan of horror and excorsist/demon type series/movies. I was looking through Netflix and noticed this series called Diablero. Just the name alone, got me interested and after watching the trailer, I decided, let’s try one episode.

It is 1 season, spoken in Spanish and filmed in Mexico. The series is based on a book called, El Diablo me obligó. The main characters are a brother and sister, Heliodoro aka Elvis and Keta. Elvis learned from hes father to become a Diablero, in my opinion, a modern exorcist. Even tho their father never involved Keta to become one, she has her own abilities. Later on in the season you will also find out the reason her father never involved her in this.

They are accompanied by Nancy, who has the ability to summon a demon and let it possess her. She appears to be a strong vessel for demons. I really liked her part in this and the way they show her possessions.

Keta has a son who was kidnapped by a possessed person when he was a baby. The series never showed the real reason behind this but seems to be a vital part. During the first episode, another child, Marianna, gets kidnapped. This connects to another main character, a priest named Ventura. When he receives a call about Lucia, Marianna’s mom, being in the hospital, he finds out that Marianna is he’s daughter. This is when he teams up with the Diablero, Keta and Nancy to find her.

I was very intrigued about certain scenes in the show, mostly the demon possessions and the story line. Some scenes tried to show some humor, or maybe it wasn’t intentionally, but they made me laugh because they didn’t really fit in the seriousness of the moment.

Since I finished this season in 1 day, it’s obviously not very long, but still interesting enough to keep watching. The ending also gave me the feeling a season 2 will be made and I have interest enough to watch that as well. Overall I give Diablero 7/10 and if you like demons, I do recommend to give it a try!

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