Russian Doll

With Natasha Lyonne playing Nadia, as main character in this new Netflix series, we jump from one death to another in every episode. You probably recognize her from the tv series Orange is the new black as Nicky Nichols. Always vulgar and rude or as I call it, straight forward and no bullshit, this new series is no difference in that matter.

Always having a cigarette in her mouth and clearly not giving a damn about anything, she quickly realizes something weird is going on after getting hit by a car, dying and waking up again in front of the bathroom mirror on her birthday.

I laughed hard a few times seeing her trying to simply survive going down regular stairs or even crossing the streets.

After dying about 4 times, she finds out she’s not the only one. When her next death is in an elevator falling down and she notices the guy next to her not really reacting in a panicked way, she finds out he’s having the same issue as her. He’s been dying and coming back as well.

One of the episodes will then feature Alan’s every day life in how he wakes up in front of hes bathroom mirror, gets ready for leaving on a holiday and proposing to his girlfriend Beatrice (who is played by Dasha ‘Dayanara’ Polanco from Orange is the New black), he also tries to make it out of alive every day.

Not only trying to ‘not die’ during the night and maybe another day, they realize quick that they are linked to each other in a variety of different ways and need each other to find a way out of this.

Due to the fact that this Nadia character touches my inner bitch and messed up level, I give this series an 8/10 and hope a second season is in the making.

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