YOU – S1

If you like your boyfriends psycho with a pinch of stalker, this is the series for you.

Obviously i doubt anybody likes that type of boyfriend but you never know Who you are dating and YOU carefully shows you the power of the internet and how quick things can escalate before you know it.

Our main characters in this series is Joe, a bookstore clerk/manager/owner (still not really sure about that) and Beck, a random girl Who he spots in hes bookstore one day and Who becomes Joe’s next ‘victim’.

Joe is played by Penn Badgley, Who Some may know from Gossip Girl or the movie Easy A. Guinever Beck is played by Elizabeth Lail Who is seen in the series Once Upon a Time as Anna and her closest friend Peach is played by Shay Mitchel, Who you may know from Pretty Little Liars.

You hear Joe’s Voice during the series, to kind of give you a feeling of what hes thinking about everything. Such as what he thinks about Beck when she walks around the store and when she does something, good or bad. Everything revolves around Beck and that he wants her for himself.

After buying a book in he’s store and he finding out her name, he starts hes research and begins to infiltrate her life, without her even realizing it. Standing outside her window, watching her get dressed, have sex with her then other ‘toxic boyfriend’ Benji, stealing her phone and so on.

When he finally managed to get rid of Benji, they start to date and actually have a relationship. However, her 3 rich best friends and mostly just Peach, become hes new obstacle. Peach is Becks best friend but also seems to be more interested in a little more than just that, so Beck having a boyfriend, is not something she’s very happy about and tries to sabotage their relationship at the same time. Obviously driving Joe even more psycho.

They eventually break up and Joe dates someone new, that he met through hes neighbor. After Beck finding her way back to him, they decide to give it another try. This however is the beginning of the end as Beck starts to finally connect some dots from hes past, starts asking question and finding hes little box of collections.

Overall I give YOU a 6/10 because I didn’t like certain characters and acting. However, the story itself is very good and it does get you sucked in to find out what happens next. Because of that, I do recommend to give it a try.

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